Nordic Studies in Education publishes articles, information and debate on subjects within, and of relevance for, education in the Nordic countries. The journal accepts contributions written in the Scandinavian languages and in English. Nordic Studies in Education is published in collaboration with Nordic Educational Research Association, and its target audiences are researchers, educators at different levels, and readers with a general interest in the field of education. The journal is pleased to announce a call for papers for a special issue on Arts, Culture and Education (Art and Craft Education/Sloyd Science/ Learning and Sustainability).

Sustainability is an important global issue that both preserves and develops human intercultural understanding. Sustainability can be understood as a traditional background for the professional fields of art and craft even though sustainability is a relatively new term in education curriculum. Today, education within the subjects of art and craft in the Nordic region is on a high professional level. This thematic issue hopes to create a dialogue between the UN’s 17 global goals for sustainable development (SDG) and the fields of art and craft education with the aim of taking part in shaping a future where art, craft, design, materials, processes and production become valuable knowledge producers in today’s society. The ambition is that a focus on art, craft and sustainable develop will rejuvenate the subjects’ traditions, and similarly the sustainable dimension will connect these fields together in the Nordic regions, along with the Arctic. Through development and research within the fields of art and craft and sustainable development, we wish to promote the position of art and craft in a larger educational context.

There is a need to emphasize the relation between the subjects of art and craft with sustainable development through research – a research field that is lacking and hence cutting edge. The same applies to research on art and craft and sustainability within various educational levels from kindergarten to higher education and entrepreneurship. Researchers within the fields of art and craft have an important task to strengthen sustainability in the Nordic regions, a task which can be realized through sending an article to this thematic issue in Nordic Studies in Education

Support to network activities

Support to network activities

Networks that have sent in an annual report to the NERA board can apply for support for networks activities. There is 30 000 NOK in the 2018-budget for support to networks. The applications must be submitted by the convener of the network to the chair of the NERA board, Anna Slotte, by August 1st, 2018. Please use the application form at Application for NERA network support.


  1. The NERA board will in accordance with available economic means support network activities. Support will only be given to network activities between the congress, such as activities for PhD-students or symposia in connection with pre- or post-NERA network congress. The activities should be open to the whole network and encourage collaboration between all members in the network.
  2. Support may be given for travel and diet costs for invited lecturer/s and coffee /snacks to the network participants. Support may also be given to a dinner for a limited organizing group together with the invited lecturer/s.
  3. Support is not given for travel or diet costs to the network participants. Neither is salary/honorarium to invited lecturer/s an accepted expense.
  4. Documentation for all expenditures must be sent to the treasurer of NERA no later than one month after the NERA congress has taken place.
  5. A short report of the supported activities shall be send to the network coordinator no later than one month after the NERA Congress has taken place.



Extended deadline for NERA symposium applications for AERA 2019

Each year one NERA-network has the honour to represent NERA at AERA’s annual conference. The 2019 AERA conference will be in Toronto, Canada, April 5 – 9. The conference theme is Leveraging Education Research in a “Post-Truth” Era: Multimodal Narratives to Democratize Evidence.

The deadline for applications for the NERA slot for symposium is extended to June 6th, 2018! Applications must be submitted by the convenor of the network and should be directed to President Anna Slotte. Please, read more about the submission in the policy papers of NERA.

The NERA board will draw lot among the applicants and announce the result before June 16th.

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As of 2018 Nordic Studies in Education will be published only as an electronic-journal. As a member of NERA, you will get access to the journal online on the journal database Idunn, through our member site You will also have access to the whole archive. This means that you can read all earlier volumes of the journal from 2002-2017, and the latest journal immediately when it is published.

To access Nordic Studies in Education on, you will receive login information in February 2018, after you have paid the membership fee.

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